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November 3, 2022

Padrino Cookie Policy

IN PADRINO TECH GROUP – we believe in a clear and open approach in terms of collecting and using your personal data. Our web page can send to your computer or another device small, frequently encrypted, textual files placed in directories of your browser so-called cookies, and all in order to improve services on our web page and your customer experience during your browsing our web page. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, as well as in the spirit of transparency, we provide you with detailed information about when and how we use this technology. By consenting and using the website, you agree to the use of cookies. You can still browse web pages by blocking cookies, but some options will be disabled.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is information sent to your computer/another device by the web page you have visited. Cookies often store your settings for web pages, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you open the same web page your internet browser sends back cookies which belong to the visited web page. This feature allows a web page to display information customized for your already expressed needs. Cookies can store a wide range of information including personal data (such as your name or e-mail address). However, that information could be stored only if you enable it – web pages can’t access information that you have not given them and they can’t access other files on your computer/another device.  Described activities of storing and sending cookies are not visible to you. However, you can change the settings of your internet browser in order to choose by yourself whether you want or don’t want to approve requests for storing cookies, delete saved cookies automatically when you close the web browser and do similar actions.

How to disable cookies?

By disabling cookies you decide if you want to approve storing cookies on your computer/another device. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. For information about cookies settings, choose the web browser you use.

• Chrome

• Firefox

• Internet Explorer 9 

• Internet Explorer 7 and 8

• Opera (English page) 

• Safari (English page)

If you disable cookies you won’t be able to use some features on web pages.

What are Non-Persistent cookies?

Non-persistent cookies or session cookies are removed from computer/another device by closing web browser. They are used to store temporary data, and cookies persist only as long as the session itselfs.

What are Pesistent cookies?

Persistent cookie can help us to recognize you as existing user, so you can easier come back to PADRINO TECH GROUP web page and communicate with our services. Persisent cookie persist in your web browser and our web page will read it when you come back to our web location. Websites use them to store data, and those cookies can stay stored on computers for days, months, or even years. 

What are First-party cookies?

First-party cookies come from the website you visit, and they can be persistent or temporary. With those cookies, websites store data that will be used again the next time you visit the same website.

What are Third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies come from advertising from other websites (such as pop-ups and other types of advertisements) that are on the website you are visiting. With these cookies, websites can track internet usage for marketing purposes.

Does the PADRINO TECH GROUP website use cookies?

Yes, with the primary goal that our website provides you better user experience and easier use of the PADRINO TECH GROUP website.

Which types of cookies PADRINO TECH GROUP uses and why?

Non-persistent cookies are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically deleted) when you close the web browser. 

Pesistent cookies often have an expiration date in the future and they persist in your web browser till they expire or till you delete them manually.

Necessary cookies Some cookies are necessary for you to experience the full functionality of our website. Without those cookies, some parts of our website won’t work as they should be working.

Preferential cookies Those cookies (also called Functionality cookies) provide our web page to “remember” your settings, helping you to customize your experience on our website. In that way, we can “recognize” you when you come back to our website and customize it based on your previous requests.

Statistical cookies Those cookies tell us more about how website is being used and helps us to improve your user experience. For example, those cookies count the number of website visitors and record how users go through the website. That information helps us to improve our web page, for example, ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Does our webpage contain Third-party cookies?

On our webpage, we use some outsourced services such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, and LinkedIn Pixelm and they store limited cookies for each user. Those cookies are not set up by our website, but they provide normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for users to access the content.

Additional information about disabling cookies

Our website enables you to independently, within your web browser, choose whether you want or not to accept cookies. Different web browsers enable you different settings. In general, your web browser will offer you to choose whether you want to accept, reject or delete cookies at every moment, during that process you can also choose which cookies you want to delete – starting with third-party cookies and ending with specially selected cookies set by websites you have visited. Every website and web browser should contain instructions on how to do it. Change of settings can be performed here.

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